Randa El Behairy

Randa El Behairy made a major impact on the film scene with her debut in the low-budget smash hit, Awqat Faragh. This film about young people in modern day Egypt, struck a chord with audiences everywhere and the exotic beauty and talent of Randa was noticed by all who saw her. In Lahazat Harega Season Two Randa reprises her starring role of Fatima, a young medical student turned doctor who is still learning the ropes at the hospital.

Trained as a martial-arts expert, with a black belt in karate, Randa exhudes an inner physical strentgh that gives unique power to her roles. And yet she was able to show a very vulnerable side as Fatima.

An active person, Randa is never one to stand still. During the shooting of Lahazat Harega, Randa joined the cast of Hassan wa Morcus, co-starring with screen legend Omar Sharif. She was then offered a lead role in the action film Ghurfah 707, where she had a chance to show off some of her martial arts as well as her dramatic skills.

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